Adoption Process / Policy

Step 1: Check the Adoption page to see which animals are currently available.

Step 2: Read the terms and conditions below and if you agree to these proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Register your interest for your chosen animal by completing a Pre-Adoption Form which can be found here: 

STEP 4: Provide evidence of suitable housing. We may request a house visit / video call and / or detailed photographs of the intended housing.

Step 5: On successful application drop off / collection of your adopted animal will be arranged.

Terms and Conditions

To be considered as an adopter, you must agree to the following:

  • A home check or evidence of suitable accommodation is necessary before or during the time of adoption.

  • The Adopter must provide the best possible care for the adopted Animal to ensure that the Animal's health is maintained and that the Animal is properly housed, fed, watered, socialised (where appropriate) and is able to exercise and enclosures are upgraded if necessary. The Adopter is welcome to contact Ivy Animal Sanctuary at any time if they require any advice.

  • The Adopter must ensure that appropriate veterinary care is provided where necessary.

  • The Adopter agrees NEVER to breed the adopted Animal.

  • The Adopter must not be disqualified from keeping animals or have a deprivation order made under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and / or have an unspent conviction for offences relating to animals.

  • We reserve our rights to refuse the adoption of an Animal at our own discretion at any time before or throughout the adoption process.

  • We may contact you occasionally to enquire about the well-being of the adopted Animal.

  • The Adopted Animal must not be sold or given away to anyone else without our prior consent. If the Animal can no longer be cared for by the Adopter the Animal MUST be returned to Ivy Animal Sanctuary unless agreed otherwise.

  • Ivy Animal Sanctuary will not be held responsible for any injuries or illnesses caused by the adopted animal(s).

The Adopter must be over 18 years and further confirms that:

  • Ivy Animal Sanctuary may visit the Adopted Animal post-adoption to ensure that the adoption has been successful.
  • You will be a responsible pet owner and ensure that the Animal has a happy and healthy life.

Adoption Fee

A nominal adoption fee applies which goes towards the running costs of the Sanctuary - food, water, housing, supplements, treatments, bedding, tools and equipment, hygiene products, petrol, veterinary fees etc..  

The adoption fees are variable dependent on the costs involved in caring for the individual and any procedures and / or vaccinations received. The amount will be confirmed during the adoption process.

Trip to the local vets
Trip to the local vets
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